Monday, October 25, 2010

Camp KIT-A-DIN Testing the odor control technology for AGION

The Team of Hunters chosen were asked to wear the prototype ACTIVE under garment, some of whom chose to wear for 6 straight days with no report of odor buildup.


A little up date as to what has been happening at CAMP KIT-A-DIN 2010.

First week we had 4 Hunters 3 of which were hunting the Game Lands with 3 Deer being taken, two Ladder Stands are in place with plenty of afternoon sightings and numerous misses, a Fixed Stand was placed over looking the lower end of Smitty's field with two Deer taken, behind the Stone Foundation a Fixed Stand was set with little use not only were they bedded in site a nice 6 Pointer was spotted, a Ground Blind was set off a Food Plot of Beets & Millow, 2 1/2 days of rain.

Second week we had 5 hunters 4 of which were hunting the Game Lands with 2 Deer taken, after discovering some preliminary Scrapes a second Fixed Stand was placed on the upper end of Smitty's Field 40 Yards in the Hard Woods, Deer were spotted entering the Field while unoccuppied, another Fixed Stand was placed at the far end of the Lower Field over looking the Hard Woods with a 8 Pointer spotted, weather was windy with a Full Moon.

We anticipate a Rutting Third week, all the above Stands will be available to Hunt.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Week Camp Kit-A-Din 2010

We have returned from Bradford County Pa. for one of three expetitions planned for the Bow Hunting Season, myself, Smitty, Albert and Mark had a very productive first day of scouting & hunting with sight of some mature deer, by Saturday morning with 2 1/2 days of rain three of the four pictured were successful with harvesting a mature Doe, if you know any of them wish them a GREAT HUNT since all were exceptional shots.

Which of the 4 pictured was not successful ????